A Leader Plants

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

The number of seeds planted is a lead measure, one over which we have direct control. Harvesting, on the other hand, is a lag measure, proportionate to the planting, but governed by many conditions (sunlight, temperatures, precipitation) outside our direct control. Planting seeds is a controllable. Choosing where to plant seeds is a controllable.

If we seek to control the controllables, then we increase the effort we exert into planting, an event governed by our willingness to work hard. The harder we work the more likely the lag measure is to be in our favor.

For a leader, the seed we plant is time, our personal time investment in people, building into people so they may grow. We invest the time in listening to their hearts, invest the time to understand their unique gifts, invest the time to provide feedback so they have the opportunity to flourish. Whether a person chooses to act is completely up to them.

What controllables should you be controlling? What seeds should you be planting more of?

Author: David A Olson

I often find my mind wandering to various subjects, subjects that make me stop and think. The blog, Musings of a Middle Aged Man, is a catalog of those thoughts I muse upon as I search for significance in life. I am the father of 3 children and the grandfather to 2. I spend my days working for a medium sized multinational corporation where I am an Agile Coach. I view myself as a Servant Leader, have a passion for leadership, particularly, in helping people develop their individual leadership skills and abilities. In October 2012, I went to India on business. After a week of being there, I still had not talked to or texted my 7-year-old grandson. He asked his mom, "Is Papa dead? He hasn't texted me all week." To facilitate communication now that he and I no longer live together, I started a blog for us to communicate. It's titled, "Correspondence Between Luke and His Papi". In April 2013, I moved to Pune, India on an 18-month delegation. It's an adventure that was 1.5 years in the making...The experience is captured on my blog, "The Adventures of an American Living Abroad" My two latest blogs are "The Learning Leader", a topic I have been studying since 1990, and "Lipstick on a Pig", a foray into the fashion sense of this middle aged man.

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