The Leader Foments Revolution (aka: Seeds My Mom Sowed)

In a broad sense, what leaders do is stage revolutions. ~Chris Brady

The revolution fire I am trying to ignite in the software development world is – People Matter. People are so much more than the skills they bring to the workplace. They are not just Developers or QA or Designers or any other assigned role but complete human beings. People deserving a work environment embracing their entire person. People Matter is why I do what I do the way I do what I do.

People Matter is ‘my why!’

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A Leader Breaks Out Of Patterns

How to not be constrained by what you already know? ~Ed Catmull

One of the greatest dangers in being a business coach is becoming a one trick pony and falling into irrelevance. Relying on the same old formula to solve problems grows stale. It becomes a dead language.

How then to stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant?

I like to ask questions, evolve questions based on answers, explore the patterns that arise. This approach is based on the premise that ideas are not a zero sum game. They are a multiplicity, exponential leading toward infinity. Each new answer is a seed growing a different tree.

To improve questions, the knowledge based must be expanded. I like to grow knowledge by reading in a variety of genres, reading articles with which I do not agree, reading books by global authors originally penned in languages other than English.

I find this grows my knowledge enabling me to see patterns I previously did not know existed. Which improves my questions leading to the bridging of minds adding to the infinitude of ideas available to address problems.