A Leader Breaks Out Of Patterns

How to not be constrained by what you already know? ~Ed Catmull

One of the greatest dangers in being a business coach is becoming a one trick pony and falling into irrelevance. Relying on the same old formula to solve problems grows stale. It becomes a dead language.

How then to stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant?

I like to ask questions, evolve questions based on answers, explore the patterns that arise. This approach is based on the premise that ideas are not a zero sum game. They are a multiplicity, exponential leading toward infinity. Each new answer is a seed growing a different tree.

To improve questions, the knowledge based must be expanded. I like to grow knowledge by reading in a variety of genres, reading articles with which I do not agree, reading books by global authors originally penned in languages other than English.

I find this grows my knowledge enabling me to see patterns I previously did not know existed. Which improves my questions leading to the bridging of minds adding to the infinitude of ideas available to address problems.

Author: David A Olson

I often find my mind wandering to various subjects, subjects that make me stop and think. The blog, Musings of a Middle Aged Man, is a catalog of those thoughts I muse upon as I search for significance in life. I am the father of 3 children and the grandfather to 2. I spend my days working for a medium sized multinational corporation where I am an Agile Coach. I view myself as a Servant Leader, have a passion for leadership, particularly, in helping people develop their individual leadership skills and abilities. In October 2012, I went to India on business. After a week of being there, I still had not talked to or texted my 7-year-old grandson. He asked his mom, "Is Papa dead? He hasn't texted me all week." To facilitate communication now that he and I no longer live together, I started a blog for us to communicate. It's titled, "Correspondence Between Luke and His Papi". In April 2013, I moved to Pune, India on an 18-month delegation. It's an adventure that was 1.5 years in the making...The experience is captured on my blog, "The Adventures of an American Living Abroad" My two latest blogs are "The Learning Leader", a topic I have been studying since 1990, and "Lipstick on a Pig", a foray into the fashion sense of this middle aged man.

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